Let The Earth Be Salted

The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that the Dutch state is liable for the deaths of Bosnian Muslims killed by Serbs in the Srebrenica massacre in a claim brought by relatives of three Muslim men who were in a group of 300 Muslims expelled by Dutch soldiers from a United Nations compound during the Balkans conflict, then killed by Bosnian Serb forces. The United States, out of its humanitarian instincts and belief that within every savage beats the heart of an incipient civilized man, created the most useless and dangerous body of international corruption this ancient planet has ever seen. The United Nations is not only not united, most of its members are not even nations. No Leftist organization ever dies, and the United Nations is perhaps the most corrupt Leftist organization on what is otherwise this good green Earth. Holding UN peacekeepers liable for their actions or inactions is welcome, for we tire of African UN peacekeepers raping girls and selling them on the open African slave market. Any sensible US government would order the UN to clear out and demolish the building and salt the ground.

They live in richly splendid isolation
They live in splendor past imagination
In luxury apartments paid by others
Pretending all the while that all are brothers
Their hatred for the West is beyond measure
Their hatred for the Whites their only pleasure
Each member of each UN delegation
Raised by the West to far beyond his station
The harm they do outweighs the benefaction
And useless when it comes to taking action
Mistakes when made are better off corrected
And so I urge our Congress be directed
To ship home all the UN we have vaulted
Beyond their worth and let the earth be salted

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