The End Of The Habsburgs

We have all heard the story of William Tell, how the Habsburgs of Austria, who ruled Switzerland, placed a man named Gessler in charge of the province where Tell and his family lived. Gessler erected a pole in the town square and placed his hat on it, announcing that all who passed must bow to his hat under pain of death. Tell and his young son walked into town one day in 1307 and refused to bow, whereupon Tell was arrested and condemned to death. Gessler, aware of Tell’s reputation with the crossbow, said if Tell shot an apple off the head of his young son he would go free. With Gessler watching, Tell aimed at his son but shot Gessler. The important thing about the story is that Tell’s act did not end the Habsburg rule in Switzerland in 1307 or at any time thereafter. The defeat of the Spanish Armada did not disturb the power or the sleep of the Habsburgs, nor did anything else until World War 1, so great was the power of the political culture of Europe. And so it is with opponents of our current Leftist leaders. Ted Cruz and others can bow to the hat or kill Gessler, it makes no real difference. The Leftist culture now throttling our country and the rest of the civilized world is here to stay, its coils deep into our very guts, and it will take more than a crossbow bolt to dislodge it.

The boy, an apple and a hat
The time the recent past
A trigger pull and that was that
And Gessler breathed his last
Vienna though had noticed not
Continued they to dance
The waltz and maybe the gavotte
And gave Tell not a glance
And so it is that culture wins
Cervantes understood
That windmill culture underpins
The Habsburg head of wood
And like the Habsburg crowns of yore
The Left is here to stay
For no election short of war
Will put them all away

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