The Hidden Path

Secretary of State John Kerry, busily negotiating the surrender of the United States of Obama to Iran, says he can see the three paths under negotiation that are designed to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons, but is worried that the fourth path, the hidden path, the path Iran will undoubtedly take, will lead to them acquiring nuclear weapons that will lead to war and worldwide death and destruction. Yet, knowing Iran will cheat on any deal agreed to, Kerry says the deal is a risk worth taking. John! Didn’t Robert Frost talk about the road not taken? You’re not as smart as Robert Frost, John, you’re not as smart as Frosty the Snowman. Just don’t sign anything, you numbskull!

All paths are hidden, all opaque
We see a single tile
The edges dark each step we take
In shadow all the while
But yet we walk into the night
Not knowing what’s ahead
And hoping that quite soon the light
Will dissipate the dread
But not to worry, not to fear
That O has planned our doom
John Kerry knows that it’s quite clear
Each path leads to Kaboom

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