The Eunuch

The Obama administration is concerned, nay fearful, that in the January 2012 election in Taiwan, the opposition leader, Tsai Ing-wen, may very well win, making China angry, and the last thing Obama wants is to make China angry. So Obama talks tough to the Taiwanese, telling them not to vote for Tsai Ing-wen, but the Taiwanese appear about to elect her in spite of Obama threats. Our position in the South China Sea, which China sees as a Chinese lake, has so deteriorated under Obama that James Webb, a Democrat Senator, said we are rapidly approaching a Munich moment with China. Is our president just an incompetent clown? When he threatens, is his stern tone just a cover for a tremolo?



Yes our president’s a eunuch

Who while planning a new Munich

Struts on stage and claims he’s toughest guy in town

But limp muscles on his body

And a threat so pure castrati

Show he’s more a Sapphic peahen than a clown


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