The Fat Police

The fat police are pressing for an confiscatory tax on sugary drinks, arguing that people are getting too fat and costing the rest of us money for the ills fat people encounter. I don’t believe the fat police are concerned with the welfare of others, especially overweight people, whom they obviously despise. No what the fat police want, like the tobacco police and all the other busybodies who think they have a moral claim to rule our lives, is power. Power to tell others what to do, power to rule the lives of others. When I read that I went right out and bought a case of Coke.



Please tell me sir, you surely joke

They’re gonna tax my can of Coke?

They’re gonna tax it ‘cause they think I’m fat?

But when I step on bathroom scale

It says I’m skinny as a rail

What do these loonies have to say to that?

Suppose I join the ranks of those

Who cannot fit into their clothes

And lose the weight the whackos say I’ll lose

What if I slowly waist away

And die of hunger one fine day

With homicide detectives without clues

You think the tale a bit absurd

But sugar’s now a dirty word

And calories once lost are not regained

And so I post this little verse

In case I go from bad to worse

And hope my sad demise is thus explained



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