The Fault Of The Jews

Jimmy Carter has never wavered from his opinion that all the problems in the world can be traced back to the Jews. French President Hollande stormed out of the ceremony in Paris honoring the dead in the Muslim attacks on Charlie Hebdo when Netanyahu began to speak. Obama openly favors the Palestinians and excoriates Israel for defending itself. There is not a lefty Western leader who would shed a tear if the Arabs or anyone else killed every Jew in Israel and obliterated what the French have called that shitty little country.

With toothy grin he breaks the news
For Carter it’s always the Jews
Obama is of same accord
Hollande too is right on board
Enraged by Bibi being there
He gave the Jew an icy stare
And so it is and so it goes
When crisis comes the ranks all close
When lefty leaders have to choose
The fault is always with the Jews

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