The Golden Apples Of The Sun

I grew up reading science fiction which led me to science non-fiction which led me to Arthur C. Clarke and his early 50s examinations of the nature of the coming exploration of space. Has anyone been to the Oort Cloud? The Kuiper Belt? Alpha Centauri? I have, many times, for imagination is the sleekest, fastest, most powerful space ship ever built. In my mind’s cloudless eye I saw the golden apples of the sun.

Alone, his children fast asleep
He stood, as dawn-light broke
Upon the shoreline of the deep
And to him Eos spoke
I am the bright winged torch, she said
The lighter of the way
I turn the night sky gold and red
And darkness into day
Beyond lies all that one may wish
Beyond that paradise
Apples gold in golden dish
And knowledge more than wise
Just close your eyes and come with me
The stars are yours to brave
Come journey on the restless sea
Come ride the golden wave
He closed his eyes and saw the stars
So close, so fiercely bright
Behind him sped a distant Mars
A winking, dimming light
Beyond! cried Eos with a laugh
Beyond the stars themselves!
Beyond us lies the other half
Where God alone now delves!
Eyes closed he stood upon the beach
The sky now washed with blue
The stars no longer out of reach
The golden apples true

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