The Feminization Of The West

The Europeans are closing their borders to the Muslim invaders, but is it too late? Europe is feminized to a greater degree than is the United States, but both are doomed if the balance between feminism and patriarchy is not re-established. Women are different from men. Women have different goals, different agendas than men. Not every woman, of course, but in general this is true, This is not a matter of culture, it is a matter of DNA, hard-wired behavior dating from the time the species branched off from the common ancestor, and that difference can be stated simply: the primary concern of women is the well-being of their children. To that end women will seek out the strong man to father her child. Given a choice, women will ally themselves with alpha males, leaving the other males without females, which leads to constant violence as the sexually left out males fight the alphas for females. This problem was solved  by forced monogamy, one man to one woman, freeing the males from constant fighting over females, and providing time for other things, like science and art and raiding other tribes for their females. This system worked well for the Western world for many years, until, having invented everything and conquered the stars, Western man decided to give women a voice in how the world was run. It did not take long for the West to be feminized. In Europe today both women and feminized metrosexual men are unwilling to defend themselves against the invasion of another culture that is not feminized because it does not allow women the power to make the choices that will feminize them. Is it too late to stop the suicidal destruction of Western civilization in the name of feminism? No society has ever survived the feminization of its culture. And we may not either. And in the United States, as in Europe, militant feminism has triumphed.

It started simply, well enough
Men gave to them the vote
While little thinking that that step
Would later sink the boat
At first the changes came on slow
All cars were black at first
But women got them colored while
Denying men their thirst
Some smart guys came up with the Pill
Not thinking the result
Would lead to empty cribs and rise
Of feminism’s cult
The Mommy State was being built
Upon the man’s strong back
And when it came the women said
No husband I will lack
The government will care for me
What need I for a man?
So preached the glorious Steinem
So preached the toad Friedan
We see now what they’ve done to us
The West is now supine
The darkness is descending but
The women will be fine
In Europe women invite in
Their enemies with smiles
Believing their new masters will
Succumb to female wiles
They’ll take up with the new strong man
Still thinking they will rule
And will not even think it odd
That girls can’t go to school

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