Chaos In The Streets

The last time we saw organized Communist-led chaos in the streets of a democracy was in the Weimar Republic. We are seeing it now in the United States, as MoveOn organized, orchestrated and funded leftist gangsters block the streets around Trump rally events and prevent access to Trump supporters, in the process harassing and intimidating them. The tinder has been laid, and waits only the match. Will there be an American Horst Wessel? Does history repeat itself? It does, and pace Mark Twain, it has an internal rhyme.

Die Fahne Hoch was not a joke
It led to conflagration
The Donald folk might take a poke
At MoveOn’s instigation
And then we’ll see if there will be
A bloody confrontation
Between the crowd who’ve not allowed
A peaceable, calm nation
Denying those who simply chose
To take in a Town Meeting
To listen to what me and you
Would think was worth repeating
The violence never relents
The left is never sated
It thirsts for blood and throws the mud
In hopes that Trump is baited
In fighting back, that is the tack
The left is now embracing
They know the press will not address
The danger we are facing
Horst Wessel Lied we do not need
But lefties sure invite it
When bullets fly then they will die
And then the press will cite it
But in the end the folks will send
The left to jail, it should work
And stop the rot and shove the lot
Back in their shatfilled woodwork

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