The Galley And The SUV

In 1453, with cannon built for them by a hired Christian European gunsmith, the Ottoman Turks beat down the walls of Constantinople and slaughtered the inhabitants. Ottoman galleys then turned the eastern Mediterranean into an Ottoman lake, and for the next century raided Christian coastal towns and villages, killing the men and enslaving the women and children, until put an end to by the Spanish and Venetian navies, commanded by Don Juan of Austria, half-brother of the king of Spain. Muslim predations died down but did not end until another century had passed at the gates of Vienna. Today we are not threatened by Muslim galleys but by Muslim SUVs, cars and trucks, driven into crowds of innocent people, all in the name of Allah. It took a century for Europe to come together to put down the galleys, and it will likely take another century to put down the SUVs.

Survivors always mark the place
Where they first saw the smiling face
‘Twas just before the SUV
Careened into the crowd
The screams, the bodies flown in air
The children dead, he did not care
The wild, careening SUV
Horn blowing, screeching loud
The driver laughing as he killed
The paving, gutters, red blood filled
With tires red the SUV
Was doing Allah proud
What do we do now that they’re back
The galleys gliding to attack
No different now, the SUV
Don Juan would not be bowed
What can we do, the answer’s clear
Get all the Muslims out of here
And we will use their SUV
To get their grave sites plowed

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