The Joads

John Steinbeck wrote the great novel Grapes Of Wrath, the story of the Joad family who left Oklahoma for California during the dustbowl and the Great Depression. But now the exodus is going the other way. White middle class and working class families are leaving California in droves.The Joad family is going back home. Loading up the old truck and leaving California and the socialist dustbowl, getting out before it becomes Venezuela.

Goodbye, goodbye, says family Joad
We’re at the bending in the road
This socialism craziness
This social welfare laziness
The regulations and the rules
The failing union public schools
Where thirty languages are heard
And no one understands a word
Where taxes pay for lefty bribes
To voters from the foreign tribes
Where sanctuary cities reign
For criminals to cause more pain
Where college students know no math
And homeless drifters take no bath
Where politicians all tell lies
Although that last one’s no surprise
The State is wobbling on the cliff
And most just shrug, say what’s the diff
We’re getting out, retrace our path
It’s curtains, their own drapes of wrath

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