The Game Of Thrones

Updated, and set in the United States of Obama, the time the past, the present and the future. Barack Hussein Obama Sr., a Kenyan Communist, bequeaths to his son, Barack Hussein Obama Jr., the knowledge of right and wrong, as perceived by those of the Muslim Communist faith. In pursuit of this faith, the younger Obama gains control of the sacred throne of the land of the Sleeping Beings, and now views himself as the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-directing implementer of his father’s dream of the destruction of the volcanic islands of the great Western Sea. To that end, President for Life Obama is now the owner, operator and dance director of the Dancehall of the Smiling Dead, the cool and handsome DJ with his grinning eyes and stack of 8-tracks. With the slowly rotating, multi-mirrored giant globe dancing multi-colored light upon his gleaming tux, Obama plays his air guitar to Good Golly Miss Molly, while the dancers, soothed by his comforting words, never realize that the flashing colored light is growing dim.

The dancers mingle, bodies sway
Though none can hear the music play
The night turns slowly into day
All hoping that the One
Will make the demons go away
With calm words all their fears allay
And hold the darkening night at bay
To glory in the sun
And yet they see, to their dismay
The rising sun turn slowly gray
And darkened skies that seemed to stay
Ghost voices shrieking Run!
And deeper yet the darkness lay
The dancers kneeling now to pray
Obama smiling It’s okay
My father’s work is done

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