The Triple Goddess

Known by many names, to many people in many places, the Triple Goddess was the uniting divinity of Greece before being supplanted by her son, Zeus. She assumed many forms, but ruled as Hera, the Earth Mother. She was also Aphrodite and Athena, Hecate and others, but never, until now, insofar as I know, was she known as Hillary. And yet that is what we have. The once great and powerful Democratic Party, the party of FDR and Truman and Kennedy, is reduced to putting up an elderly, female mediocrity, all in the interest of preventing intraparty civil war, all in the expectation that the only route to victory in 2016 is through the vagina.

Uniter of the fractious Left
Our Hillary, though less than deft
Will need more than her female cleft
To turn us into Greece
The goddesses have grown too old
And weary now where once were bold
With dreamless sleep or so I’m told
Please ma’am, desist and cease

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