The Games Children Play

If Edward Snowden was a mole, sending National Security Agency secrets to the Russians and the Chinese, why did he come out into the open? Is there a deeper game going on? Remember the old saying, the Russians play chess the Americans play checkers. I believe Snowden did not act alone, and that the Russians have an end game in mind that requires him to come into the open. But what is that end game?

Hide and seek and tag you’re It
Are games all children play
But not all games are childish
When night comes on from day
To hide in deepest shadow
To live the life of moles
To be one thing in daylight
In shadows changing roles
What drives a man like Snowden
Does he a master serve
Why has he left the shadows
To throw us all a curve?
Human moles are predators
They play for higher stakes
But in their burrows, creeping close
Are hungry, silent snakes

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