The Golden Age Of Stupidity

We have all seen the many amusing television interviews of college students and recent college graduates, where no one knows who the vice-president of the United States is, or when the American Civil War was fought, or the opening words of the Declaration of Independence. Worse, none of the interviewees seem the least disturbed by their ignorance of what prior generations were taught and learned in grammar school. Is it their fault? I say no, it is not their fault, for they should not have been in college in the first place, they were and are too dumb to do college level work. Yet there they were, as ignorant upon graduation as they were when they were handed a high school diploma they could not read. The meek are not inheriting the Earth, the stupid are, for they are out-breeding the smart people by a wide margin, content in the one thing they know, that the smart people are obligated by law and politics to take care of them. I asked a few questions of a recent neighborhood college grad recently, and he answered honestly.

I think the Civil War went down
Around the time that noon did
A guy named Abe come into town
And shot Morty l’Woondid
Then 57 of the States
That’s scattered round the country
They went to war when Morty’s mates
Then fired on Fort Muntry
That’s close enough I quickly said
To hide the sickly quiver
I felt as questions buzzed my head
And asked about the river
He said the Mississippi runs
The length of Carolina
Of which it is one of the ones
Whose State bird is the mynah
But why you axing stuff so old
That everybody’s knowin’
We’re standin’ out here in the cold
And look around, it’s snowin’
He said that he enjoyed the quiz
And hoped he’d been forthcoming
He smiled and said the world was his
And said that he was bumming
And living with his parents till
A job that suited opened
And then he’s on his way, but still
At least that’s what he hopened

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