Republican Treachery

There are ominous rumblings of treachery in the ranks of the Republican establishment. It is said, that the Koch brothers and other major Republican donors have created a special fund of 100 million dollars to help Rubio, and if he doesn’t win Florida they intend to enter Mitt Romney into the primary contest in an effort to prevent Trump from being the Republican candidate. Other reports state that other big time donors have engaged a consulting firm to lay out a path for a viable third party independent candidate to run in the 2016 presidential election should Trump be the nominee, thereby guaranteeing a Democrat victory and retention of the White House and possibly a recapture of the Senate. If this is true, then those Republican elites are prepared to see a Democrat victory and control of the Supreme Court for another generation and the devolution of the United States into a socialist Venezuela in order to maintain their perks and status in the Republican Party. If true, these Republicans are prepared to see the country destroyed by a continuation of the Obama administration’s goal of national castration in order to retain their status.  If true, this is the vilest, most treacherous, most treasonous act in the country’s political history.

How vile, how treacherous, these cold men are
To plot destruction of a rising star
And let the Dems take an iron wrecking bar
To all that we hold dear
Our children’s futures thrown out in the wind
Destroy the man on whom our hopes are pinned
They smile and say it is not they who’ve sinned
We do it out of fear
We fear disaster ‘cause he will get beat
And lead the Party to a great defeat
With most of us thrown out into the street
We’re sure that you’ll agree
To which Trump people say go way, you smell
You stink of treason with your poisoned well
You say you think of us but buddy, we can tell
You think of you, not me

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