The Graph

Fifty years ago I posited that a graph of the exponential growth of technology would have the growth line sharply rising to almost vertical. Since then we have witnessed an explosion in technology that makes the rise from chipped flint technology to 1970s technology look like a flat line. What will happen when the line on the graph reaches 90 degrees vertical? What happens when the line on the graph goes straight up and doesn’t cross the vertical year line? Is there a chance that there truly may not be a tomorrow? And what happens if there is no tomorrow? Is that the end, or is it the beginning?

Each species has an epitaph
A short life and they’re gone
All plotted on a simple graph
As darkness follows dawn
But what if lines upon a graph
Foretell that fateful date
Sophisticates will surely laugh
Until it is too late
If all there is belongs to God
Who surely likes a race
It cannot then be very odd
That he will show His face
When one of His creations climbs
The graph line to the top
Until the graph line rings the chimes
And it is time to stop
And then begin a life anew
Embraced with but a nod
Permitted then the awesome view
The gentle face of God

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