Jail Time

The country is no longer in the hands of the people, or even the elected government, but in the hands of the unelected bureaucracy, the regulators who write the rules by which we all must live, thousands upon thousands of leftist rules by leftist regulators, rules that harm the country but advance the leftist agenda, rules that enrich both the regulators and their cronies. Solyndra comes to mind. Banking rules come to mind. Fannie and Freddy come to mind. Maybe if somebody did jail time these things would be far less frequent.

We don’t listen to the Naders
Who decry the regulators
Or the other lonely voices in the wind
Who cry out for some attention
Shouting warnings, not to mention
Naming names of all the miscreants who’ve sinned
Lonely voices, no one hearing
As catastrophe is nearing
And the leaking boat is heading for the rocks
All the passengers are dancing
To the bankers’ sweet romancing
While into the henhouse slinks the wily fox
When the edifice comes tumbling
All the players take to mumbling
Saying how the heck did such a thing occur
Then they shrug and say it’s over
It was nice though in the clover
And the best part is we’re never sent to stir

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