The Great Pretenders

President Obama knows full well that Vladimir Putin is cheating on every arms reduction treaty signed by the Russian government, and yet he refuses to call them on it, or ever to recognize it. He still believes that being nice to Putin will bring him around to Obama’s way of thinking, but it will not. The Russians are building new missile systems while we disarm. The armed forces of the United States, under Obama, have been reduced to a force level lower than before World War 2, while the Russians, not to mention the Chinese, are racing along on a gigantic military buildup. The Obama response is to pretend there is nothing there, no threats, nothing to see, all the while insisting there is no danger, that everything is under control.

No way that there is pretense
For we all know the best defense
Is to close your eyes and say there’s nothing there
If you know that Putin’s cheating
The best way to stop the bleeding
Is to trash your own defense to please the bear

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