The Unproductive

Venezuela, once one of the wealthiest countries in South America, with a thriving middle class and oil and coffee exports, is now dead broke, unable to feed its people, and importing oil and coffee because the Marxist government of Hugo Chavez and his successor has taken over everything and destroyed it with its socialist nonsense. You cannot tell the poor to go into the shops and take what you want without the shopkeepers closing up shop. You cannot sell state run gasoline for four cents a gallon when it cost you two dollars a gallon to get it out of the ground and refine it. You cannot repeal the law of supply and demand. It is truly said, that when the votes of the unproductive outnumber the votes of the productive, the unproductive vote for fairness. We are not yet Venezuela, but we’re getting close, as the Democratic Party has re-established their slave plantations filled with people who feed off the teat of the productive population in exchange for votes.

I am an unproductive gent, a man of no known station
I sire children whom I do not know
How lucky thus I am to be a part of such a nation
That I can rise so high from one so low
My votes bring into office men and women I can trust to
Look out for me and grant my every whim
Because they know I am a man the rich won’t throw a crust to
A man whose chances in this life were dim
But now we have the votes and we’re the ones to call the piper
We only want what just belongs to us
The money stashed in big Swiss banks by every greedy viper
Apart from that we don’t want any fuss
We’ll take free gas and free healthcare and charge it to your Visa
For it is you who ground us into dirt
And now that we’re on top we sit and smile like Mona Lisa
Determined and resolved to make you hurt

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