The Hearse


Barack Hussein Obama’s actions over these past five years can be attributed to either of only two causes-incompetence or treason. We don’t know the answer to that question, not yet, but either way we lose, and so do the Muslims, who, if Barack Obama hands them the keys to the big black hearse, will not get to use them, but find themselves instead enveloped in a conflict they have no way of understanding, a conflict that will leave no Muslim city from Karachi to Mecca unobliterated.

Obama rode the wave of guilt
To be the very first
Half-black man thus elected to the post
Of president of these United States
And he’s the worst
Of anyone this country now can boast
He got the votes of women who
Did think him awfully cute
And votes from greens who knew he’s on their side
And lots of votes by fraud and theft
No longer in dispute
But credit him with no attempt to hide
His goal to change the country to
Reflect his fascist dream
Of rule by diktat not by rule of law
And here we are now five years in
And it would surely seem
That many voters wonder what they saw
But that was then and this is now
And so we pay the price
Of voting an incompetent to rule
The voters of this country closed
Their eyes and rolled the dice
And now we know those voters played the fool
But do we know if it is just
Incompetence or worse
That form the thoughts that clog Obama’s mind
Or has he from beginning planned
To drive that big black hearse
That takes us to his killer Muslim kind


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