The Hell-Borne Crescent

“We tell America that what is coming will be even bigger and more bitter, and that you will see the soldiers of the Islamic State do terrible things.” – The Islamic State’s official radio station, al Bayan, claiming responsibility for the attack on the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.

The Muslims do not seem to understand that at some point the decision will be made to put an end to the killings. Those who raise the green crescent flag do not understand that when the decision is made the Muslim crescent will be extinguished with a savage ferocity the Muslim world could never have imagined possible. Those who have been warned and do not heed, bleed. And bleed they shall, from every orifice and every pore, bleed until every one of them is dusty parchment, scattered over scorched and barren ground at the pleasure of the wind.

How luminous the distant stars
Across the broad ecliptic
Like fireflies in childhood jars
Foretell apocalyptic
Scenes of death and ghastly fear
Two scorpions in battle
And only one will stand to hear
The other’s death-doomed rattle
The stars look down on spinning moons
So brilliant, iridescent
Within the spheres the lyric tunes
Sing of the flaming crescent
Extinguished, buried in the deep
By those they had despised so
And entered into final sleep
A state they all had prized so
And so the phases of the moon
At full so very pleasant
Now listens to the mournful loon
Sing of the hell-borne crescent

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