The Ignorance Of Bliss

Colleges and Universities have reached the point where every word or thought or action of every person on campus is offensive to someone, and therefore the word or thought or action is to be condemned and the speaker, thinker or actor is to be excommunicated from the race of the anointed people who think only Progressive liberal Democrat thoughts. I spoke to a progressive liberal arts major the other day and she said the world would be a far better place if only she and her roommates could decide who would be in it.

We do not like to hear, she said
About the rights of those whom we
Would much prefer that they be dead
Than come to speak of things that be
Offensive to the lonely ones
Or to the people in the room
Who do not want the rapist sons
Of right wing zealots take the bloom
From women who hold virtue dear
And want no man to dark her soul
And so by means that we make clear
A man-free world our sacred goal
Free speech is but a hidden snake
Come lurking in the shadowed grass
To strike, inflame, and try to make
Their horrid worldview come to pass
She left me there, and walked away
So proud to lead the bully charge
Of holding ignorance at bay
And dumbing down the world at large

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