Missouri Waltz

Continuing our discussion of yesterday, about college campuses and how the sensitivity of one or two people saying they are uncomfortable about a word or look can cause administrators to tremble in their boots, radical activists, mostly black, have taken over the University of Missouri, forcing the president of the university and the chancellor of the university system to resign amid charges of racial insults and a swastika formed out of feces on a dorm restroom wall, which black students have determined to be a racial epithet. The charge of racial insults was lodged by two black students, without any evidence such insults actually happened, and the feces swastika appears to never have happened as well, since the picture of the feces swastika offered as proof appeared on the Internet well over a year ago. The entire incident has the appearance of being a power grab by a group of radicalized students who believe their sensitive natures must be protected from such injustices as free speech and other micro and macro aggressions. The mob succeeded brilliantly in taking over the university and forcing jelly spined Leftist administrators to resign instead of suspending the lot of them, including the mostly black football team, which joined the protests, threatening to forfeit the rest of the season. In some ways the Leftist fun of the 60s, barricading Deans in their offices and generally raising hell on campus, has never left, particularly when you realize those 60s radicals are now the faculties and administrators of our universities, and who have spent decades teaching kids that the United States is an evil hell hole that is better destroyed. But the question is, is the Mizzou debacle just some kids having fun or is it the beginning of an anti-white, anti- white-privilege campaign that began in earnest with the call to murder cops, a call fostered and abetted by Obama himself.

A small swastika from feces
Could have been a couple Reeses
Peanut butter cups if it exists at all
School kids dancing at a party
Laughing loud and well and hearty
At the jelly spines they lined against the wall
First demanding that they cower
Then commanding that white power
Must surrender to the student’s just demands
That free gin and vodka tonics
With diplomas in ebonics
And that campus dances now use all black bands
With a president aloof and
Begs and pleads for just some proof and
Says a feces swastika defies the norms
Then it’s time to start a riot
Thinking now’s the time to try it
And just by the way set fire to the dorms

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