The Illusion Of Competence

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is an effect whereby relatively unskilled people believe their abilities to be much higher than they really are. We could also, with good reason, call this the Obama-Progressive Effect. The White House inner circle believes themselves superior to the rest of us simply because their parents belonged to the Communist party and the reflected brilliance rubbed off on them. The brilliance of the Obama administration is all around us, and bears witness to the culmination of seventy years of Leftist-Progressive thought in which the heirs of Marx are entitled to rule and design a world in which all risk and achievement is removed from the dull and stupid masses.

How glorious the words of Marx
Designed to dampen all the sparks
Of intellect among the common herd
Removing thoughts of enterprise
By placing there before the eyes
Of common folk the Glory and the Word
As written thus and handed down
To make sure life was blanded down
To make the peasants docile, weak and dumb
A helmet if you ride a bike
A warning sign on all you like
And all designed to keep you under thumb
No salt, no sugar, they will kill
To walk while texting takes more skill
Than peasants have and so it must be banned
We cannot say words that may hurt
We may not frown, we can’t be curt
And one false accusation gets you canned
The world is full of thought police
For thought’s disruptive of the peace
And we can’t be too careful what we say
Or what we do or what we think
Thank goodness though we’re on the brink
Of throwing all this PC in the bay

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