Alluha Akbar

After a series of smaller killings by Muslims shouting Alluha Akbar, officially written off by the Obama administration as workplace violence, we finally have a terror act that cannot be smoothed away with comforting words about the religion of peace. One can only hope that the insanity of political correctness is coming to a bloody end.

Why do so many people say
That Islam’s not to blame
Demanding that we not think ill of those
Who kill the innocent, beheading
Them in Allah’s name
And laughing for the camera, strike a pose
Why must we hear from those who say
Do not overreact
That Islam is about god’s love and peace
And if we will but understand
And recognize that fact
Then incidents like these will surely cease
It’s time we set about the task
Of ridding from our lives
The PC madness that allows such things
As Muslims walking into bars
Intent no one survives
And killing people while the killer sings
His praises of his god most high
Who tells him he must kill
The infidel, be Christian, Jew or gay
The time has come to end this scourge
It’s time to have the will
To kill the vermin now this very day

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