The Illusionist

The Iranians have rejected out of hand the nuke deal that Obama said he had persuaded them, against great odds, to agree to, a deal he praised as a major part of his magnificent legacy. The Iranians have shown Obama to be what many have always known, but is the illusionist disillusioned? Apparently not. I spoke to Obama spokeswoman Marie Harf a few minutes ago and asked how Obama was taking the latest spit in the face from Iran, and what could he do about it now that he has effectively disarmed the American military and has no allies. She tossed her long blond hair and said Barack had plenty of allies who would march at the merest crook of his little finger. As she turned away she haughtily said,

The president is firm of face
Determined to win through
He says his loyal ally, Thrace
Is raising forces too
The Scythians are all on board
The Gauls and yes the Huns
And Genghis and the Golden Horde
And Tamerlane has guns
We’ll show those Persians who is boss
They’ll sign that deal, you’ll see
We’ll lift those sanctions, it’s no loss
And what will be will be

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