The Night We Dreamed

A Country music lyric. Sure wish I could write music. Anyone know a Country singer or band who needs a lyricist?

We saw each other quite by chance
And something held me fast
I smiled and asked her for a dance
And knew that now, at last
I’d found the one I’d searched so long
And far and wide to find
We moved in rhythm to the song
As if she’d read my mind
I gave to her the stars that night
I plucked them one by one
And placed them in her hair so bright
Like diamonds in the sun
Our memories are older now
And promises were kept
More love than Heaven would allow
As slowly the years crept
Sweet memories of that first night
A meeting quite by chance
And instant love, at instant sight
When I asked her to dance
And promised on the stars above
So close, or so they seemed
And placed them in her hair with love
The night that we both dreamed

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