The Kenyan

The world has never seen a leader like the Kenyan, Barack Obama, whose actions and inactions have transformed the world to a degree to which he could only have fitfully dreamed. In eight short years he will have accomplished much; the near destruction of the culture and history of the United States, and the murderous and rapid ascendance of Islam. A man borne by the gods, a man of broad reach and a broader grasp of the uses of power. A man of the people, but not of our people.

Has ever been a broader reach
A firmer, steel-tipped grasp
Two fierce lit eyes, a flint in each
Resolve a lock and hasp
The world has never seen the like
Of this tall Kenyan man
A fluid mongoose ‘fore the strike
Not since God’s time began
Alone is he with Jason’s fleece
Olympus is his home
His giant hands the hills of Greece
Fierce blazed with Styrofoam
The Kingdoms of the Middle East
Each one a Western foil
He single handed loosed the beast
And watched the deserts boil
So confident, a strong lip curled
The Kenyan firmly stood
Beside his self-created world
And blowed it up real good

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