The Land Of The Free

The Muslim terror group ISIS has created a well-equipped and dangerous army that has already defeated the Iraqi army and is in the process of defeating the Syrian army, in the process establishing a caliphate in Syria and Northern Iraq, boasting they will attack Europe and United States very soon The Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense Hagel have warned of the imminent and mortal danger from ISIS, Secretary Hagel saying that ISIS is like nothing we have seen before. I spoke to a liberal progressive Obama voter the other day and asked her about the ISIS threat and what did she think Obama should do about it. She thought a moment and said,

Well, since the fault is all on Bush
And Halliburton too
I don’t see why some want to push
The blame on you know who
Our president is just too smart
To not know what to do
He’ll put the horse before the cart
At least that is my view
Whatever happens over there
Is not our cup of tea
They kill themselves and I don’t care
It doesn’t bother me
There is no threat that they can make
And that’s the simple fact
And if there are some steps to take
Our president will act
It’s here at home our vision lies
Obamacare for all
And non-fat fryers for our fries
And phones so friends can call
Free college for just everyone
Free stuff for folks like me
We’ll have it all before he’s done
In this land of the free

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