The Densest Pack

Back in the days of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the US devised a strategy called ‘Dense Pack” to ensure the survival of missiles in event of a surprise Soviet first strike. The dense pack consisted of a string of nuclear missile silos spaced very close together, the theory being that as Soviet missiles flew over the North Pole the first nuclear explosions would send up a cloud of debris through which the following missiles would have to pass, some being destroyed in the process, with the next nuclear explosions destroying more of the following missiles, and so on, resulting in the survival of American missiles downrange. But that was then. A dense pack now refers to a hall full of Obama supporters.

Lo info voters clearly lack
Ability to simply track
What’s going on both front and back
They are, of course, the densest pack
They follow every racist hack
Reject the learned, praise the quack
They think they’re smart but don’t know jack
They are, or course, the densest pack

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