The Last Magician

Is sudden brilliance revelation or intuition? Most would say the answer clearly is intuition. But what if what we think of as intuition is actually revelation, that the magicians were right and the scientists are wrong? What then? Did Newton, by reason, introduce to the world what we now call modern science or was it revealed to him? And if so, by whom or what?

The sun doth neither rise nor set
The Earth rotates and so we get
Illusion that the sun has moved in space
Copernicus though saw the truth
And said the sun sets not, forsooth
The Earth doth move while Sun remains in place
But was this truth before revealed
To ancients who saw a star field
As gods who spoke to men in garbled tongue
As revelation of divine
Intention noble or condign
And from such revelations magic sprung
Does revelation live today
Does magic still have much to say
About the universe and all of time
The last magician is the one
Who shows us that the gods have fun
By tantalizing us with garbled rhyme

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