The Blood Of The Dragon

It has been known for centuries that the body of the dragon is filled with fire and blood, and that when pierced by the tusks of its natural enemy, the elephant, the fire and blood spew out in noisome horror. Today’s dragon is the current version of the radical leftist Democrat Party, in which the bloated body is so filled with blood-red hatred and malice that when the elephant  gores the dragon with his tusks, hatred, malice, lies and anger spew out in a mass of stinking bloody sludge.

Oh noble beast of sacred tusk
Triumphant over dragons be
And keep us safe from dawn to dusk
Preserve this land from sea to sea
The dragon dead, its venom spent
Will yet arise and breathe again
And of his sins will not repent
But seek the dominance of men
Oh noble beast of sacred tusk
Bestride the dragon underfoot
And by your noble maddened musk
By dragon fire turn to soot
The body of the dragon slain
And to the wind disperse the vile
And horrid creature who would stain
The land with stinking, hateful bile

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