The Long Cold Sleep

The Left is a vile, murderous ideology.  Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, they were all leftists. Leftists and murderers, along with such lesser leftist murderers as Castro and the Kim family of North Korea, who differed from the first four only in the number of the murdered.  And now they are in effective control of the United States.  They haven’t murdered anyone yet, they have not set up the camps yet, but that’s only because they do not yet have ultimate power. But they’re getting there, and if Obama is re-elected they will be one step closer. There is only one thing to do with the Left. Hurry them to sleep, to sleep the restless and unending sleep of eternal damnation. And if, perchance, they should awake, then drive a sharpened stake into their blackened hearts, for evil is never conquered, it is only silenced for the nonce.



The Left sleeps not, it has been said

They will not sleep until they’re dead

Until that time what we must do

Is fill our ranks with good men who

Will not back down in face of threats

Show no remorse and no regrets

At doing to the Left as they

Do unto others as they may

We must not cower, stand aside

And let the Leftist menace slide

And look away as they use force

To change the country and its course

To Lefty visions of the hell

That wait the ringing of the bell

Announcing that our freedom’s gone

And comes the darkness with no dawn

We must engage them to the death

We must fight on with every breath

The Left sleeps not, it has been said

They will not sleep until they’re dead



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