The Beard

The United States, in the person of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has told the government of Liberia that they must change their religious and cultural beliefs about homosexuality or lose financial aid.  Liberia has been our friend in Africa, and this is just another example of the Obama administration’s policy of embracing our enemies and spitting on our friends. And Hillary of all people, giving this ultimatum, Hillary Clinton, around whom the stories of her young female lover have never gone away. Well, maybe it takes one to know one. We’ll know those stories are true when her husband grows a beard. Verse-afire has come into possession of her speech to the homophobic Liberians.



Let’s get together all us guys

Come in and sit a spell

We’ll tell you and it’s no surprise

That we all wish you well

It’s just that we don’t like the way

You’re treating some poor folks

Who just because they’ve been born gay

They must endure the jokes

That sometimes turn to viciousness

And feelings do get hurt

Because of some maliciousness

And voices sometimes curt

So in the future our advice

To you is that you must

Be honor bound to treat them nice

Or you will lose our trust

We know this goes against the grain

Of centuries of trends

But think of all that you will gain

When you make gays your friends

For one thing you’ll be better dressed

Your dancing will improve

And you’ll be gay and not depressed

You’ll be right in the groove

As Sec of State I can attest

That gayness is the life

With Bill the beard, that’s been the best

Of being Billy’s wife


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