The Lust For Power

Many are the pundits who have psychoanalyzed Barack Obama, and the number of conclusions equals the number of pundits voicing their opinions. For me, Obama is relatively easy, after five years, to peg. He lusts for domestic power the way a drunk lusts for whisky. He lusts for domestic power in order to turn the United States into the fevered radical red image of his communist parents. Neither public opinion nor the Constitution of the United States deters him from the pursuit of absolute power. We shall see if he meekly relinquishes that power at noon on 20 January 2017. I spoke to President Obama just the other day and this is what he said:

Of all the promises I make
There’s only one that isn’t fake
The New York Times thinks this is jake
And that’s my lust for power
I love that I’m the man on top
And your destruction will not stop
I’ll knock out every single prop
To show my lust for power
You kneel to overwhelming might
That I possess by divine right
Respect for law I have but slight
I only lust for power

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