The Man Behind The Curtain

A careful examination of the policies of the Obama administration since 20 January 2009 reveals an uncanny similarity of purpose, and that purpose is the debasement, disarmament and ultimate destruction of the United States in its current form, and replacing it with a blue model third world socialist state. To that end the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was seized upon as an opportunity, following the administration’s oft stated position that they would never let a crisis go to waste. No one needed to have helped Mr. Duncan get on an airplane for Dallas. All that was needed was to not prevent it. And who makes the call on when to allow and when to prevent? Why a certain Mr. Obama, the man behind the curtain. The Obamanoids cry it was just one man, it’s no big deal, but so is a tiny hole in a big ship no deal until it becomes one. One man infects four, those four infect sixteen, and so on in a deadly and unstoppable mathematical progression.

A tiny hole and we are sunken
And through that hole came Mr. Duncan
With infection and thematics
Constituting mathematics
That say clearly one infection
That on soberly reflection
Soon will turn into a number
That will not disturb the slumber
Of the hidden curtain master
Who will mumble sleep’ly “Faster”
Mathematical progressions
Make the fiercest of aggressions
Look like snails serenely racing
And not knowing what we’re facing
One thing above all is certain
There’s a man behind the curtain

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