The Stronger Horse

A Liberian man who had been exposed to Ebola boarded a plane in Nigeria and flew to Dallas, where he got violently sick and went to a hospital where he was treated and mistakenly sent home. Over 100 people in Dallas, including his family and acquaintances he may have been in contact with, are now quarantined, and the number will grow exponentially unless the unknowns who came in contact with him and became infected, and who do not yet show any symptoms, are also quarantined, and we won’t know who they are until they show symptoms. Keeping the deliberately infected out is something that will not and cannot happen in a country of open borders and inadequate screening at airports. What does this have to do with the war the Muslims are fighting against us but not we against them? The pattern is now set. Suicide bombers no longer need to wear an explosive laden vest or sneak an explosive onto an airplane. Retail murder by explosive is no more. Wholesale murder by disease, and not just by Ebola, is the coming thing. Imagine a small number of infected Muslim suicide fanatics, say as few as 100, wandering through various parts of the country, strolling through malls and stadiums, walking downtown city streets, boarding crowded elevators, infecting all they come in contact with. Do the arithmetic. If one hundred infected Muslims each infect 100 people, and those 10,000 infect another 100 people each, then 1,000,000 people are infected within weeks of the Muslim suicides being deployed to the United States. And nobody knows who the 1,000,000 are until they show symptoms. The CDC says you cannot infect anyone until you show symptoms, but suppose the CDC is wrong. And even if they’re right, are we going to round up everyone who gets a fever and send them to a quarantine camp? No, we cannot physically do that, not in the time allotted, even if it were politically possible to do it, which it is not, for we have politically and culturally tied our hands, and cannot close our borders or keep anyone out for fear of being discriminatory, or worse, racist. And in the meantime, showing symptoms or not showing symptoms, the newly infected are infecting others. Pandemic and panic. The healthcare system overwhelmed and collapsed. Murder by the millions, that’s the ticket. Or is it that’s the plane ticket?

The darkness is upon us now
The shadows now grow long
The quiet martyrs showing how
The weak horse has grown strong
So strong the vaunted science of
The once strong horse will fail
How once the eagle now the dove
Has swallowed his own tale
And now believes it’s understood
That vigilance is past
Preferring now to knock on wood
Or how the dies are cast
Our sacred borders open wide
With open arms we cry
Come in! We’ve nothing here to hide
And if by chance we die
Then that is surely but a game
That nature plays at will
It’s no one’s fault, there’s none to blame
And so it ends, but still
A million here, a million there
Pandemics run their course
And at the end no one will care
That you’re the stronger horse

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