The Man Is Not For Loving

I spoke to a liberal friend the other day and asked her if she still thought of Barack Obama as the most gorgeous of the gorgeous, the most saintly of the saintly, and she said she was of two minds about him.

Yes to me he was as gorgeous
As Cesare and the Borgias
While to others he was hellish
Not a little Machiavellish
But he won, that’s all that mattered
I care not for those he battered
For the law is not for winners
And the truth subject to spinners
I still cling to the illusion
Though admitting to confusion
Seeing now, with some contrition
He’s a scurvy politician
I am just so disappointed
That the One I thought anointed
Has turned out to be so ruthless
Ganging up on folks who’re toothless
I was filled with turtle doving
But I find he’s not for loving

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