If Truth Be Told

There is every indication that there is no one in the Obama administration who has ever told the truth. Ever. Fast and Furious. Eric Holder’s signature is on the authorization to declare a Fox reporter a criminal so they could secretly get his phone records; President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telling the world for over a week after the killing of Americans in Benghazi that they were killed because of a YouTube video, a lie they knew to be a lie because they made it up themselves in a phone conversation the night of the attack; the head of the IRS claiming she knew nothing of the IRS harassment of the Tea Party, when her fingerprints were all over it, and other examples too numerous to mention. I don’t say they have lied about everything their entire lives, but I do say everything they have said since they joined the Obama administration has been a lie

If truth be told, we often say
Observing not the doubt in play
If truth be told, the truth is rare
For fragile truth be held with care

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