The Meaning Of Is

Anthony Weiner, Democrat, has just confessed, but before he confessed he tried to do a Bill Clinton by saying the pics could have been him or they could not have been him. It was all dependent on the meaning of the word “is”.


Websters: is – to be; combining form of is – equal, homogenous, uniform



Would be Clintons scorn the norm

When asking what is is

They speak of the combining form

While others think of ‘tis

When Weiner’s asked if picture’s his

He thinks “homogenous”

Combining form of the word “is”

There’s nothing dodginess

Or maybe thinks of “uniform”

Alike in thought or dress

When written out in cuneiform

It could be no or yes

We know for sure one thing is true

If “equal” is what’s meant

Then “is – to be” is meant for you

For him the words are bent


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