The Melissae

Liberal writer Matthew Yglesias has written that President Obama was right in comparing ISIS to bees, because the president is smarter than everyone else and Republicans are too dumb to understand him. As everyone who has gotten past fifth grade knows, the Melissae were the three nymphs Daphnis, Melaina and Kleodora, the goddesses of the bees. They are often confused with Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and Samantha Power.

I grant you he’s the smartest man
To ever walk on Earth
He knows about the Melissae
And of their noble birth
Three nymphs, the goddesses of bees
Melaina and sweet Daphnis
Three nymphs there are in Oval sit
To worship golden calf knees
Sweet Valerie as the Queen Bee
In charge of all the flora
In former times she would have been
The nymphty Kleodora
The keeper of the bees of course
Interprets signs and omens
And knows he’s smarter than the best
Of all the Greeks and Romans

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