Only The Lonely

Lonely Western women are being seduced on social media by smooth talking ISIS operatives to join the Jihad, with some success. To avoid this enticement some are urging lonely women to gather a circle of friends and to visit a favorite website. This has resulted in my receiving the following message on my blog from a lonely young woman who has just returned from the Middle East.

I do recall my loneliness
I felt so doggone empty
When ISIS offered onlyness
It seemed so very tempty
I joined and worked out in a gym
To gain some strength and muscle
I wanted so to be like him
A hard man in a tussle
I flew to London then to Spain
Id get him to the altar
I tried and tried but all in vain
To get into Gibraltar
By luck I found a cruise line ship
To drop me off in Aden
I found him standing by the slip
Just waiting for his maiden
He looked so cool, so tough and strong
A manly man from heaven
And carrying, perhaps Im wrong
An AK-47
Around my waist he placed a vest
He said was one of Josef’s
I laughed and said I would have guessed
The pockets held explosives
We had us both a hearty laugh
He led me to a pickup
Regret I did my little gaffe
Till he said its a stickup
He took my iPhone, credit cards
My cash and watch and money
He left me there and joined his pards
His last words See ya honey
Im home now and I drop this line
To say I read you only
And wonder if you will be mine
But only if you’re lonely

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