The Melting Of The Ice

The problem is not that there are no answers, it is that half the population does not believe the answer if it is in opposition to their progressive ideology. The idea that human activity drives the planet’s climate is absurd, yet it is believed by those to whom leftist ideology is magic. Inviting into your home someone who has vowed to kill you, your family and your neighbors is insane, yet the political class is driven to do just that, despite the historical record of centuries of Muslim hatred for the Christian West. Socialism has always failed wherever it has been tried and yet the answer to the question of how to ensure the livelihood and way of life for the populace is always, in the eyes of some, state sponsored socialism. No, the problem is not that there are no answers, the problem is that some people, and mostly those who consider themselves to be far greater than their level of competence, believe implicitly, because their magic religion of progressivism demands they believe, that the ice is always melting, despite all evidence to the contrary. But from time to time the left stops hating and lapses into hilarity for a day or two, laughing at the infantile antics of the child who beat them in the last election, in the latest case a typo in a tweet. Unless there really is a word spelled covfefe.

A typo by a tweeter
There’s nothing could be sweeter
To those who think the president a dunce
An idiot, a moron
On whom much scorn they pour on
A man they claim covfefed more than once
How else to judge the way that
The Leftists always say that
Covfefe’s not the way we want to go
A magic incantation
A rich imagination
And pretty soon the ice fields start to grow
The Left says that our brothers
Iranians and others
Will save us if we only pay the price
We owe to Goddess Gaia
To whom we must convey a
Apology for melting all the ice

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