The Cabby And The Bobbies

On Sunday night, June 18, a fed-up man drove a van into a group of muslims, doubtless in retaliation for the attack by muslims using a van to kill civilians crossing the London Bridge a few weeks ago. One of the stories to come out of the London Bridge attack is the courage of the unarmed police and ordinary people. At the height of the London Bridge attack, a London cab driver tried to ram the van being driven by the killers, and a witness related how he saw four unarmed London policemen run toward the van with batons raised, not knowing if the jihadi killers in the van were armed or not. Luckily for the unarmed bobbies the muslim killers were armed only with knives. Picture it though – four unarmed policemen knowingly running into certain death if the killers had guns. You cannot teach courage. You either have it or you don’t.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before
We call it asymmetric war
Where one side fights with one hand tied
The other laughs and scoffs to hide
Full knowing bobby has no gun
And London cabs they can outrun
The bobby says untie my hands
The cabby says these muslim vans
Can come and go just as they please
While politicians say that these
Here muslims mean nobody harm
And meantime people buy the farm
Just walking ‘cross a bridge at night
Not thinking they might have to fight
I tell you if old Winnie’s here
He’d make ‘em pay and pay real dear
We British always muddle through
Somehow we figure what to do
But first our ruling class must stop
This feeding us this muck and glop
Insisting we stay on our knees
And start to hanging wogs from trees

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