The Monster

Government is growing ever larger, taking over our lives, taking power where none was granted it by the Constitution of the United States. Government is a monster, and will kill us all, with kindness at first, with malice at the last, as a cancer kills with calm precision and stark inevitability. The government of the United States is fitfully restrained, for the moment, by the silvery silken strands of the Constitution, but even now, in the dim darkness of a barren room, the monster stirs, and wills his fingers to grow thousands of stiff, rasp-like hairs, which tug and saw at the silken strands of the Constitution. He lies quietly, unconcerned, knowing his imprisonment is temporary, and not even the silken strands of the Constitution can keep him bound forever

The monster stirred, and once let loose
He threw his tender arms
Around the poor with the excuse
That answering alarms
Was Government’s reason to be
It’s purpose here on Earth
To give the indigent for free
What others had at birth
And so he grew, this little lad
Loved by the old, the young
No longer good but never bad
It’s praises always sung
Until the world was in its hands
All at its beck and call
With chains replacing silken strands
Encasing one and all

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