A Nimble Man

President Obama has grandly declared the War On Terror over, and that we have won. No one, however, has told al Qaeda and the Taliban and the Iranians and the Pakistani and the North Koreans that the war is over, and they are undoubtedly having a good laugh at the very idea that the United States has won. President Obama, like some latter day Admiral Nelson, has a blind eye, and thus never sees enemies surrounding us, but only misunderstanding. One imagines Admiral of the Red Sir Barack Obama, a nimble man, rapidly climbing into the tops, telescope strapped to his blind eye. Seeing no enemy in sight, only clouds of white sails  and rolling black smoke as broadside after broadside lacerates the rigging around him, the Admiral slides effortlessly down a backstay , and gracefully reaching the heaving deck full of dead and wounded, declares the War of Misunderstanding over, and that he has won.

“With but a word, a smile or two”
He told the cheering men
“There’s now no enemy in view
And never will again
Misunderstandings cause us pain
Apologize we must
For causing friends to then maintain
That turning us to dust
Is but the only course they have
To answer Bush’s mess
And that is why I’m here to salve
Their feelings of distress
Pay no attention to those guns
Aimed at us even now
And never mind those ghastly runs
Of blood from stern to bow”
And as he spoke a mast gave way
And boarders climbed the rails
And bearded men carried the day
While ‘tween decks children wailed

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