The Mosque Of The Red Death

President Obams, in a speech delivered during the White House Ramadan dinner honoring Muslims, declared he was all in favor of building a mosque a few feet away from the site of the attack by Muslims on the Twin Towers that killed over 3,000 Americans. The only reason the Muslims want the mosque so close to Ground Zero, as everyone, including Obama knows, is to shove a sharpened stick into the eye of the Great Satan. But then, did not Obama promise us that in any dispute between us and the Muslims he would be on the side of the Muslims?



Blameless lives and silver planes

Buildings down in fiery rains

Muslims cheering in the streets

Glorying in Muslim feats

Now a mosque they wish to build

Near the site the bodies filled

Smiling slyly as they claim

We are not the ones to blame

Gentle lefties take the hands

Of the killers whose demands

Lefty leaders bow to grant

Sneering at the people’s chant

That to build there’s a disgrace

And are told to mind their place

We have news for those who would

Build a mosque where once there stood

Buildings filled with kin and friends

Whose killers now Barack defends

Build your mosque in New York town

Don’t be surprised when it comes down

Along with all the Muslim dreck

Who think they have the right to wreck

The lives and dreams of other men

The 52s will show them when

We’ve had enough of killer’s ways

The end is coming, count the days



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