The Muslim Tea Party

Verse-afire’s Muslim friend Mahmoud was unhappy the Times Square bomber was incompetent, but he shrugged and said tomorrow was another day. He was pleased, though, with the reaction of the liberal press in declaring immediately that the attempted bombing was the work of the Tea Party, which is how he came to be the founder of the Muslim Tea Party.  



I love my Tea Party, Mahmoud said with glee

The muslim world loves us as well

We’ve signs in real English the whole world to see

We have a bright story to tell

You see we’re against everything you love dear

We wish that you rot long in hell

But that doesn’t mean you should all live in fear

We’re peaceful till god rings the bell

We like to make noises in Times Square New York

‘Cause that’s where our newspaper is

Car bombs don’t go off we don’t know how they work

But bombing’s not really our biz

Our brother Barack is in trouble you know

The bad guys might win in Novem

So now I’m Tea Party and when things go blow

The Times will blame all things on them



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