The Nearest God

It is disturbing to know that after more than six years of Barack Obama there are still those who think of him as God. Fred Kaplan at Slate writes that Obama has brilliantly backed Putin into a corner, and George Stephanopoulos recently badgered Donald Trump relentlessly, demanding to know why Trump did not defend the Deity when at a  Town Hall political meeting a questioner said President Obama was a Muslim. It is unclear why Kaplan would think Obama was winning, hands down, or why Stephanopoulos was offended by the suggestion that Obama was Muslim, for did not Obama Himself, in one of His ghost-written autobiographies, remark proudly upon His Muslim faith? What will future generations think of the reign of the God King, Barack the First? Will they be astonished to learn that many millions of people thought that it was He, Barack Obama, who had walked upon the waters?

If we survive, when we look back
We’ll wonder how it was Barack
Was ever thought to be a god
Whose every random blink and nod
Was thought to mark some brilliant thought
That peace on Earth is what he’s brought
So godlike that he fairly shown
In brilliance we had never known
He cast no shadow when he walked
And birds sang sweetly when he talked
The nearest thing to God on Earth
While lacking only virgin birth

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